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Members of dist Sara Bharat Matua Mahasangha to stage stir against CAA


MALDA: The members of Sara Bharat Matua Mahasangha are going to hit the streets of Malda in protest against the CAA.

Before the Parliament­ary polls in the seats of North and South Malda on May 7 such movement by this organisati­on is going to be politicall­y important as Malda has over 2 lakh Matua population.

Especially, the North Malda seat has almost 1 lakh 85 thousand people of this community and so their votes are of major importance to all the political parties contesting the polls.

Dwijen Adhikari, district president of the Mahasangha, said: “The CAA is a big fraud of the Union Ministry as there is no provision for those who don’t have any papers. It’s a kind of thing that you don’t have funds in your bank account but still issuing cheques. Further, at the time of CAA implementa­tion, the videos of Matua people dancing in joy also looks to me as fake. Because no refugee

can celebrate like this over CAA. One among 8 papers has been asked to submit by the concerned persons which are impractica­l. One who had fled to India without carrying any document cannot go back to that country once again to fetch testimonia­ls.”

Adhikari further asked how a person could prove that he had been driven away from a country on a religious basis. He also claimed that only 5 per cent of the people can apply for citizenshi­p fulfilling the conditions given in the CAA.

Adhikari also said: “Namashudra­s are the last to come to India from Bangladesh so their urge for the citizenshi­p of India is more than others and the movement for this is being led by the Matuas. We want unconditio­nal citizenshi­p and also demand for citizenshi­p of all living in India as per Liaquat-Nehru pact of 1950. Bangladesh was once a part of India and many sacrificed their lives for the independen­ce of India. It is now forgotten and are being paid back with hacklement for their devotion. We are preparing now for our movement against this amendment in the act by BJP run Union Ministry. None can ignore the importance of the Matuas in Malda as we are more than 2 lakhs in this district.”

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