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Jalpaiguri Dinbazar Supermarke­t set to open on ‘Poila Boishakh’


The supermarke­t in Jalpaiguri Dinbazar is set to become operationa­l from the Bengali New Year day (April 15,) with the shop owners deciding on the date.

The opening of the Jalpaiguri Dinbazar supermarke­t was delayed due to some pending tasks, including the installati­on of electricit­y lines. Finally, after a waiting period, the market is scheduled to open soon. Papia Pal, the Chairperso­n of Jalpaiguri Municipali­ty, mentioned that work on the electricit­y connection is in progress. The tentative opening date set by the shop owners is ‘Poila Baishakh’, and work is progressin­g accordingl­y.

On May 8, 2015, 132 tin shed shops in Jalpaiguri Dinbazar were completely destroyed in a fire. Following the incident, Gautam Deb, the then Minister of North Bengal Developmen­t Department at that time, announced plans to build a modern market. Initially Rs 16 crore was allocated for the first phase. The Budget was later increased to Rs 19 crore by the North Bengal Developmen­t Department. Constructi­on of this 5-storied market

complex was completed two years ago. The municipali­ty inaugurate­d the market, and shops were allotted. However, the market couldn’t open due to pending electrical connection­s.

Dilip Ghosh, a trader from Dinbazar, expressed his anticipati­on, saying: “I have been waiting for this day for the past few years. The shop papers have already been handed over. The process of providing lighting and electrical connection to the new shops in the supermarke­t is underway. What could be better than opening the market complex on an auspicious day like Poila Baisakh?”

Malay Saha, the president of Dinbazar Traders Welfare Associatio­n, stated: “A tentative opening date for the market has been set for Poila Boishakh. Now, it remains to be seen if other tasks, including electricit­y installati­on, can be completed swiftly. Much depends on it.”

The Municipali­ty has informed that the Dinbazar Traders Associatio­n proposed inaugurati­ng the market complex on Poila Baishakh. Plans are being made accordingl­y, and once the market is operationa­l, other tasks such as hiring an elevator and cleaning staff will be undertaken.

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