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Malda: Adhir Chowdhury is BJP’s agent, says TMC


Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury is supporting the issue that BJP leaders are talking about

MALDA: Veteran Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Firhad Hakim, on Sunday, in support of two candidates of the party in the North and South Malda marked Adhir Chowdhury, state president of Congress, as an agent of BJP during a preparator­y meeting at the Malda College Auditorium in English Bazar.

Further, he said that the Congress is no more that of Late ABA Ghanikhan Chowdhury alias Barkat who had once called to throw CPI(M) in the Bay of Bengal. Now, that responsibi­lity has been carried out by TMC.

Hakim also exchanged views with the district leadership of the party on the election strategy. Hakim said in a press conference after the meeting: “Now, where is the Congress of Ghanikhan Chowdhury? They have shaken hands with CPI(M). TMC has thrown the CPI(M) into the Bay of Bengal as Barkatda spoke. On the contrary, MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury is supporting the issue that BJP leaders are talking about. In fact, his true identity is an agent of the BJP. When there were 34 TMC MPs in West Bengal in the past, the Center could not withhold the money for the 100-day work project. They have also given money for the housing scheme. Later, when BJP got 18 in Bengal, the UnionMinis­try stopped funds in various projects. They have collected five and a half lakh crore rupees from our state. And a sum of Rs 1 lakh 78 thousand crore has been withheld by the Modi government at the center which Bengal deserves.”

“Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has arranged to provide all facilities to the common people through various schemes. But BJP is doing politics of division.

The results of the Malda Lok Sabha polls were different in the past days. But this time, the two candidates will win the two Lok Sabha constituen­cies in Malda with huge votes. Because, people are not tolerating those opposition parties. The people of Bengal are talking about victory because of the developmen­t made by the Chief Minister,” said Hakim.

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