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TMC candidate for Cooch Behar campaigns through ‘Banglar Adhikar’ march


Trinamool Congress (TMC) candidate Jagdish Chandra Barma Basunia has launched the seven-day Bengalr Adhikar Yatra from Sitai, campaignin­g across seven assembly constituen­cies in the Cooch Behar Lok Sabha constituen­cy. The Lok Sabha candidates’ election drive began on the second day with the Banglar Adhikar Yatra in Dinhata Assembly.

Basunia commenced the Adhikar Yatra by performing Puja at Swami Nigmananda’s ashram in Dinhata NigamNagar, followed by an election workshop in Bara Shakdal, Basantirha­t, and Burirhat market. He claimed that 50 families from the BJP Youth Morcha joined Trinamool in Basantirha­t Bazar. Basunia, accompanie­d by state Trinamool Vice President Rabindrana­th Ghosh and other leaders. Trinamool candidate Jagadish Chandra Varma Basunia stated: “Through this journey, I am highlighti­ng various developmen­tal issues addressed by the state government to the people. Having served as a two-time MLA, I am very optimistic.” However, commenting on the Trinamool candidate’s campaign, BJP Cooch Behar district general secretary Biraj Bose said: “This election is for Lok Sabha, not for Panchayat or Assembly. Therefore, BJP candidate Nishith Pramanik will secure a significan­t victory once again. There is no dispute about that.” Cooch Behar District Forward Block President Deepak Sarkar remarked: “Sitai and Cooch Behar Lok Sabha are stronghold­s of the Forward Bloc and the Left. Supporters were unable to vote for a long time due to terror. Now they are determined to secure victory for the party’s candidate, even at the cost of their lives.”

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