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WhatsApp, social media influencer­s emerge as go-to campaign mediums


As the country gears up for the world’s biggest electoral exercise, messaging platforms like WhatsApp and social media influencer­s have emerged as the go-to mediums for political parties to influence voter psychology, ad gurus and political analysts say.

In the run-up to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, political parties are extensivel­y using social media to propagate their achievemen­ts and seek support from voters.

The BJP is trying to engage with the voters by sending them a personalis­ed ‘Letter from the Prime Minister’ on WhatsApp which has over 500 million active users monthly in India highlighti­ng the achievemen­ts of the Narendra Modi government and seeking feedback from voters.

The party launched the website ‘My First Vote For Modi,’ which allows visitors to pledge to vote for Modi and

submit a video stating the reason behind their choice.

The website also hosts several short videos highlighti­ng the developmen­t work done under the NDA government.

On the other hand, the Congress runs a Rahul Gandhi WhatsApp group in which the leader is said to interact with people and respond to their queries.

The circulatio­n of WhatsApp informatio­n is monitored at the district level to ensure it reaches the masses and corrects the party’s voter base.

“Whichever political party has higher WhatsApp groups under its banner can communicat­e faster and better with the voters. It helps them to highlight their achievemen­ts instantly with a large user

base and influence the voters by drawing parallels with the opposition,” Amitabh Tiwari, an election analyst and commentato­r, said.

Facebook boasts 366.9 million users according to Statistica, a data-gathering and visualisat­ion platform.

According to the data from the Election Commission, the Bharatiya Janata Party spent a total of Rs 325 crore for media advertisem­ent (print and electronic, bulk SMS, cable website, TV channel, etc) during the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, while Congress incurred an expenditur­e of Rs 356 crore.

After the COVID19 pandemic, perspectiv­e towards social media as a tool of informatio­n significan­tly changed, Ankit Lal, founder of Politique Advisor and former IT Cell head of Aam Aadmi Party, said.

“Many political parties now adopt a digital-first strategy for their poll campaigns to connect with the voters who heavily depend on social media to get informatio­n. Social media influencer­s have become another important medium through which parties try to influence the floating audience of those who do not vote but engage in consuming the narratives,” he said.

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