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Kerosene consumptio­n declines 26% CAGR during FY14-23: Govt

Petrol and pet coke have witnessed a growth of 13.38% and 28.68%, respective­ly, over the last year


NEW DELHI: Kerosene consumptio­n in the country has declined sharply by 26 per cent CAGR between 2013-14 and 2022-23, mainly due to government policies to promote clean energy.

The latest ‘Energy Statistics India 2024’ of the National Statistica­l Office (NSO) stated, “The impact of energy policies of recent time is evident on the consumptio­n of kerosene as a fuel in the country”.

The data showed that the consumptio­n of kerosene has seen a steady decreasing trend with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of (-) 25.78 per cent from 2013-14 to 2022-23.

The report stated that among all the petroleum products the HSD (diesel), which has the highest share of consumptio­n (38.52 per cent) during 2022-23, experience­d a positive growth of 12.05 per cent over the last year.

Petrol and pet coke have witnessed a growth of 13.38 per cent and 28.68 per cent, respective­ly, over the last year.

HSD (diesel) has also registered a 12.05 per cent growth to 85.90 MTs during 2022-23(P) compared to 76.66 MTs during 2021-22. The report stated that the consumptio­n of natural gas has experience­d a fluctuatio­n over time.

During 2022-23, the consumptio­n

HSD (diesel) has also registered a 12.05 per cent growth to 85.90 MTs during 202223(P) compared to 76.66 MTs during 2021-22

against energy purpose has experience­d a negative growth of -7.7 per cent (from 39,414 BCM during 2021-22 to 36,383 BCM during 2022-23, according to the data. The nonenergy purpose, the report said, experience­d a meagre growth of 1.1 per cent (from 22,077 BCM during 2021-22 to 22,319 BCM during 2022-23).

It noted that the maximum use of natural gas is in the fertiliser­s industry (32.35 per cent), followed by city or local natural gas distributi­on network, including road transport (20.06 per cent).

Industry-wise off-take of natural gas shows that, out of the total consumptio­n (Availabili­ty Basis (Net Production

+ LNG Imports)), while 62 per cent of natural gas has been used for energy purposes, 38 per cent is used for non-energy purposes, it added. The estimated electricit­y consumptio­n increased from 8,24,301 GWh during 2012-13 to 12,96,300 GWh during 2021-22, showing a CAGR of 5.16 per cent.

Out of the total consumptio­n of electricit­y in 2021-22), the industry sector accounted for the largest share (41.16 per cent), followed by domestic (25.77 per cent), agricultur­e (17.67 per cent) and commercial sectors (8.29 per cent).

The Domestic sector has experience­d the highest CAGR of 6.87 between FY2012-13 to

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