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Howrah Div: Now, QR code scanning payment system to purchase Rly tickets


The Howrah Division introduced a QR code scanning payment system for purchasing Railway tickets with an aim to offer passengers a secure, simple and fast mode of payment.

The QR code scanning payment system will allow passengers to buy tickets using all UPI-enabled digital payment systems. This will eliminate the need for physical currency, making transactio­ns smoother and more efficient. Additional­ly, this system will help address the issue of change amount, which has been a significan­t concern for both passengers and booking clerks.

“This new QR code scanning payment system is a gamechange­r for our division,” said Sanjeev Kumar, Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Howrah Division. “It will not only simplify the ticketing process but also enhance the overall passenger experience.” Passengers can now enjoy the convenienc­e of purchasing tickets using their smartphone­s and making payments through their preferred UPIenabled digital payment systems.

“This initiative aligns with the division’s commitment to providing modern and efficient services to its passengers,” it was stated.

Such mode of payment was already operationa­l in the Sealdah Station. With increasing popularity of online payments amongst commuters, similar steps were taken by many auto and taxi drivers who gave passengers an option to pay through online mode.

A section of private bus owners were also planning on introducin­g QR codes for different routes. Currently the discussion is in a nascent stage where the owners are discussing it with the company associated with installing QR codes.

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