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‘Utilise fine amount for improving green cover around High Court’


Refusing to budge over the additional fine imposed on an unauthoris­ed constructi­on, the Calcutta High Court on Wednesday directed the Kolkata Municipal Corporatio­n (KMC) commission­er to utilise the fine of Rs 1 lakh of the total amount of Rs 2 lakh for improving the green cover around the High Court.

An applicatio­n was filed in a pending case seeking the recalling of the order dated March 20 wherein the Court had imposed an additional Rs 1 lakh fine which was supposed to be paid by March 22.

The additional fine was imposed on account of nonpayment of the earlier amount of Rs 1 lakh within the specified time.

The petitioner had submitted the initial fine of Rs 1 lakh on March 21. Justice Amrita Sinha refused to recall the order but extended the time limit for payment of Rs 1 lakh till April 4. The municipal commission­er was directed to utilise Rs 1 lakh out of the total amount for improving the green cover around the High Court in Kolkata.

The corporatio­n was further directed to prepare a plan as to how the money would be utilised and place it in court on April 5.

Taking a stricter stance against unauthoris­ed constructi­on following the Garden Reach incident which resulted in the death of 12 people, Justice Sinha had refused to extend the time for payment of cost imposed on a petitioner seeking regularisa­tion of an unauthoris­ed constructi­on.

“The court cannot keep its eyes shut. The persons involved with unauthoris­ed constructi­ons should be given a good lesson so that unauthoris­ed constructi­on can be curbed to some extent,” Justice Sinha had observed.

Earlier, a lawyer had approached Justice Sinha’s bench seeking to be heard on a demolition order passed wherein the concerned party was not made a party to the case.

During the mention, Justice Sinha had refused to interfere and stated: “Court is not giving you any leave in any demolition matters…Let human l ives be saved.”

The petitioner had submitted the initial fine of Rs 1 lakh on March 21

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