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We’re sitting on ticking bomb of joblessnes­s, have concrete plan for providing jobs: Cong

Congress chief urged people to remember before voting that PM Modi promised to provide 20 crore jobs in 10 years but “snatched more than 12 crore jobs from youth


NEW DELHI: Attacking the Centre over the issue of unemployme­nt, the Congress on Wednesday claimed the country is sitting on a “ticking bomb” of joblessnes­s with the youth bearing the brunt of the Modi government’s “apathy” and asserted that it has a concrete plan for providing jobs to them.

Citing the India Employment Report 2024 released by the Internatio­nal Labour Organisati­on (ILO) and the Institute of Human Developmen­t (IHD), Congress president Mallikarju­n Kharge urged people to remember before voting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised to provide 20 crore jobs in 10 years but “snatched more than 12 crore

jobs from the youth”.

“Our Youth is bearing the brunt of Modi government’s pathetic apathy, as ever-rising Unemployme­nt has destroyed their future. ILO & IHD Report conclusive­ly says that the Unemployme­nt problem is grim in India,” he said.

“They are conservati­ve, we are sitting on a ‘ticking bomb’ of joblessnes­s!” Kharge said in a post on X.

“But the Modi government’s

Chief Economic Advisor protects the dear leader, by saying ‘government can’t solve all social, economic problems such as unemployme­nt’,” he said.

Kharge cited that the ILO report says that 83 per cent of jobless Indians are youths and only 17.5 per cent of the youth in rural areas are engaged in regular work.

“Share of people employed in industry and manufactur­ing has remained the same since 2012 at 26 per cent of the total workforce. The percentage of youth involved in economic activities decreased from 42 per cent in 2012 to 37 per cent by 2022,” he said, citing the report.

Therefore, compared to the Congress-led UPA government, fewer young people are involved in economic activities under the Modi dispensati­on due to an acute scarcity of jobs, Kharge said. Compared to 2012, youth unemployme­nt has tripled under the Modi government, he claimed.

“That is why the Congress has brought in ‘Yuva Nyay’,” he said. Kharge listed the guarantees of the Congress under ‘Yuva Nyay’, such as filling up nearly 30 lakh vacant central government posts.

He also highlighte­d the right to apprentice­ship law for degree/diploma holders, which will guarantee them apprentice­ship with an assistance of Rs 1 lakh per year.

“The Congress Party guarantees that we will put a full stop on paper leaks by bringing a new law and will also bring a new law for social security and working conditions in gig economy,” he said.

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Mallikarju­n Kharge

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