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Revolting BJP leaders threaten to field their own Independen­t candidate


Following sitting MP Debasree Chaudhuri being fielded from Kolkata (South) seat instead of Raiganj from where she had won in 2024, the revolting BJP members have demanded the removal of Basudev Sarkar from the post of the president of North Dinajpur BJP committee immediatel­y, failing which, they will field their own Independen­t candidate from Raiganj seat.

On Tuesday night, a meeting was held at Subashganj in Raiganj where this decision was taken. BJP front rung leaders, including Biswajit Lahiri, former North Dinajpur BJP president, Bina Jha and Nimai Singha, former vice-presidents of the district BJP committee, were present in the meeting.

It is mentioned that in 2019, Debasree Chaudhuri was elected from the Raiganj Lok Sabha constituen­cy. A section of protesting BJP leaders did not want her again from Raiganj seat as she allegedly failed to bring about any developmen­t in her constituen­cy and kept a distance from the masses. They organised different movements demanding a ‘Bhumiputra’ candidate from Raiganj instead of the ‘outsider’ Debasree Chaudhuri.

At last, the Central and state BJP leaders announced the name of Kartick Paul, former chairman of TMC-led board of Kaliyaganj Municipali­ty as BJP’ Bhumiputra’ candidate from Raiganj in place of Debasree Chaudhuri.

Nimai Singha, former vicepresid­ent of North Dinajpur BJP committee said: “In the face of our demand, Debasree Chaudhuri has been shifted from Raiganj to Kolkata (South) seat. We are partially happy with this decision. Now we demand the state leaders to remove Basudev Sarkar from the post of the president of North Dinajpur BJP committee because he is misbehavin­g with common people. If he is not removed, we will not work for our party candidate in Raiganj. We are ready to field our own Independen­t candidate from the Raiganj seat.”

Basudev Sarkar, president of North Dinajpur BJP committee, said: “The people who had earlier revolted against the party were ousted from the party previously for their anti-party activities. They are working for their self-interest. People will not believe them.”

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