Millennium Post (Kolkata)

‘BJP & TMC set for intense battle in Jalpaiguri LS seat race’


The BJP filed the nomination of Jayanta Kumar Roy for the Jalpaiguri Lok Sabha constituen­cy on Wednesday. However, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) is confident of wresting this seat from the hands of the BJP. Their clear assertion is that no steps have been taken for the developmen­t of this constituen­cy in the last five years. On the contrary, the BJP government at the Centre has taken antipublic actions like withholdin­g MGNREGA funds and government housing money, which could give the candidate a significan­t advantage.

TMC candidate Nirmal Kumar Roy campaigned vigorously in the Jalpaiguri constituen­cy before the election announceme­nt, participat­ing in rallies, procession­s and door-to-door campaignin­g. On the other hand, the BJP candidate began campaignin­g after the announceme­nt of his name on Saturday. He was also seen engaging in publicity and public relations activities for the past three days. With Jayanta Kumar Roy’s nomination by the BJP, there is a general consensus among the common people that there will be a strong contest between the two main opposition parties in Jalpaiguri.

TMC candidate Nirmal Kumar Roy, commented: “The BJP’s delay in announcing their candidate led many to speculate whether they would even field a candidate in this constituen­cy. Although they have finally filled their nomination, our work alongside the people throughout the year is wellknown. The TMC’s contributi­ons to the people are evident at all levels.

However, the Central government deceived the people with false promises in the last election. We are making it clear to the public that such deception should not be repeated. I am telling the people of the tea gardens that the Central government has done nothing for them.” On the other hand, after his nomination as the BJP candidate for the Jalpaiguri Lok Sabha constituen­cy, Jayanta Kumar Roy stated: “I have been nominated again by the party because the people wanted me. Therefore, I will win the election again if the people want it.”

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