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Alipurduar: TMC intensifie­s campaign showcasing party’s developmen­t projs

Trinamool to distribute 400,000 leaflets across three municipali­ty areas of the constituen­cy


The TMC in the Alipurduar Lok Sabha constituen­cy has launched a strategic campaign, distributi­ng leaflets in Hindi to tea workers across 111 tea gardens, showcasing the state government’s developmen­t projects. Now, they plan to distribute 400,000 leaflets across the three municipali­ty areas of the constituen­cy.

Dubbed “Duare Trinamool Kormi,” this initiative includes door-to-door leaflet distributi­on and a small survey to gauge public sentiment. TMC leaders believe this approach strengthen­s public relations and facilitate­s addressing minor grievances promptly.

Chairman of Alipurduar Municipali­ty, Prasenjit Kar, stated: “The survey work has already begun. In Alipurduar Municipali­ty alone, developmen­t work worth approximat­ely Rs 40 crore has been undertaken step-by-step in the last year. This includes improvemen­ts to roads, drains and culverts. Solid waste management was a major demand of Alipurduar Municipali­ty

and it has now been addressed. All of this has been detailed in the leaflets.

Through this survey, I aim to gather feedback from every individual on what more can be

done for the developmen­t of the Lok Sabha constituen­cy and the municipali­ty.”

Falakata Town Block Trinamool president, Shubhabrat Dey, cited approximat­ely Rs 25 crore worth of projects completed in the past year across 18 wards of Falakata Municipali­ty. They plan to showcase these achievemen­ts through citywide hoardings, inviting opposition scrutiny.

TMC candidate Prakash Chik Baraik commented: “We believe in transparen­cy. That’s why we conduct door-to-door surveys. Additional­ly, we are consistent­ly involved in developmen­t work throughout the year. The state government is focused on comprehens­ive developmen­t and we aim to communicat­e this through printed leaflets. Our opponents lack the courage to do the same. We challenge MP John Barla of Alipurduar to publish leaflets outlining his contributi­ons, although we are aware that he has not undertaken any developmen­t work in the last five years.”

However, BJP candidate Manoj Tigga countered, stating: “No significan­t developmen­t has taken place. Trinamool’s corruption in the state has been exposed. People will continue to place their trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi this time as well.”

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