Millennium Post (Kolkata)



This is in reference to the news report, "Trinamool files complaint with EC for Dilip Ghosh's 'offensive remark' against Mamata". BJP leader Dilip Ghosh's comments and personal attacks against Bengal chief minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee is highly condemnabl­e. The cheap remarks were a violation of the model code of poll conduct (MCC). Significan­tly, it's poll season and the sight of a battery of microphone­s may trigger the worst in politician­s who must go to the hustings to validate their candidacy. The fact that every succeeding Indian general election seems more like a life-ordeath propositio­n than a poll to pick legislator­s also adds to the angst. Which is why what leaders, candidates or partisan speakers might say when they are stuck for ideas and decorous phrases is generally disregarde­d. It is a given that the debating style in Indian politics is not of the mature Churchilli­an type in which the great politician used to joust with a woman MP and a celebrated playwright in Parliament and outside. Even so, there is a need for maintainin­g a modicum of decency and decorum in debate with lines demarcatin­g personal attacks that just cannot be crossed. This excess by a politician should be punished to the extent possible with the Election Commission taking an interest in it. Surely, barring this member from campaignin­g any further in the coming elections could be considered minimum punishment. The only way to teach him to mind his language is not to let him speak in public until the Lok Sabha polls are over.

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