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Sanjay talks about playing a gay man in ‘Murder Mubarak’


Sanjay Kapoor, who broke stereotype­s by playing Raja Sahib in ‘Murder Mubarak’, received good responses from viewers for the portrayal of his character. During an interview with a leading media house, the actor talked about his role in the film, who hides his identity as a gay man and lives vicariousl­y through others. He went on to explain that he felt ‘comfortabl­e’ playing the part and that essaying such a role didn’t really matter to him.

The veteran actor said, “I won’t name the person, but a big director came to me and said, ‘You know, I love what you did in ‘Murder Mubarak’ and everything. You were superb. You were fun. You have that scene where you are talking about ‘balls’ and then you transition to the emotional scene. It was all wonderful. Plus, that emotional scene with Pankaj Tripathi was also great’. He also told me, ‘At this time of your career, you played a gay character. I’m so proud of you for that’.”

“So, that was his reaction. Sometimes you do something and you trust the director. It was so beautifull­y put up there - even that hand-holding scene. He thinks Pankaj Tripathi’s character, the cop, is going to expose Raja Sahib’s lifestyle. And Raja Sahib thinks, ‘I will live up to my identity’ and holds Tinsuk’s hand. But the minute ACP Bhavani Singh says that Raja Sahib hasn’t done anything, he leaves the hand. It was all done so beautifull­y,” he further added.

“He is Raja Sahib and he is tough and then there is the scene where he says, ‘If anybody comes to know that Raja Sahib doesn’t have this and is leading such a life, then it’s a big deal for him’. He keeps on trying to prove to Pankaj Tripathi that he still loves his wife. It’s so wonderfull­y done, even though he has a chink in his armour. The way it was put up was very simple and smooth. So, it didn’t really matter to me. I was very comfortabl­e doing it and I’m glad people are recognisin­g it. Like you’re saying it and a few others. The person I talked about earlier especially praised me a lot,” the actor concluded.

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