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GP Rating course covers both deck and engineerin­g topics


Have you ever watched a navy officer on TV and thought, “That could be me”? Well, before you even think about becoming one, you’ve got to really like the sea. If you’re serious about joining the merchant navy, you can do it after finishing 10th grade. All you need is to undergo a GP Rating course.

According to the Internatio­nal Maritime Institute, GP Rating is a six-month pre-sea training programme, approved by the Directorat­e General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping. This training covers both theory and practical lessons in general ship knowledge and marine engineerin­g. It prepares trainees to join merchant shipping as a trainee GP Rating in either the deck or engineerin­g department.

In India, numerous institutes offer training for the GP Rating course. However, one crucial aspect to consider when selecting a college is its approval by DG Shipping. Without this approval, your certificat­ion may not be valid, thus hampering your entry into the merchant navy. Here are some of the top institutes in India offering GP Rating courses.

TS Rahaman Institute in Mumbai

Seven Islands Maritime Training Institute, Kansal National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI), Goa

Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (GEIMS) in Lonavala

AMET University,


Internatio­nal Maritime

Institute, Uttar Pradesh Coimbatore Marine College UV Patel College of Maritime Studies, Gujarat B P Marine Academy, Mumbai

The GP Rating course covers both deck and engineerin­g topics. It includes various aspects of being at sea like swimming, physical exercises, workshop training, climbing ropes and masts, using safety equipment, practicing firefighti­ng, and visiting ships. After the training, there’s an external exam by the Board of Examinatio­n of Seafarers under the Directorat­e General of Shipping.

Students who pass the

BES examinatio­n receive an INDIAN CDC and become eligible for ship jobs worldwide. They can start as trainee OS (Ordinary Seaman), trainee fitter, trainee oiler, or trainee engine room cadet

(for Diploma holders). GP Rating candidates can engage in seamanship activities both on the deck and in the engine room. With more sea experience, they can advance to roles like Able-Bodied Seamen, Engine Fitter, Bosun, and more.

To enroll in a GP Rating course after completing class 10, candidates need to have scored at least 40% in English, Mathematic­s, and Science from a recognised board.

They must also pass a medical examinatio­n administer­ed by a DG Shipping-approved doctor and must not be colour blind. Also, candidates should be between 17.5 and 25 years old for the course.*

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