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Mamata to campaign for Debangshu in Tamluk on April 25


Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee is expected to campaign for her party’s candidate in the Tamluk Lok Sabha (LS) constituen­cy, Debangshu Bhattachar­ya on April 25.

Polls will be held in Tamluk on May 25.

The constituen­cy is already witnessing a high-octave election battle where the Trinamool Congress’ youth leader Bhattachar­ya will contest BJP’s Abhijit Gangopadhy­ay, former judge of Calcutta High Court.

It was learnt that Banerjee will start her election campaign in East Midnapore with her rally at Mahishadal which falls under the Tamluk LS seat. Sources within the party said that before Mamata Banerjee’s visit, her party’s national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee will hold an organisati­onal meeting with the party leaders in Tamluk on April 15.

Abhishek has been holding organisati­onal meetings in various districts to prepare a blueprint as to how the election battle will be fought and what are the issues and failures of the Central government which can be highlighte­d by the party leaders during their campaign.

Gangopadhy­ay stoked controvers­y several times for his remarks ever since his name was announced as BJP’s candidate.

In Gangopadhy­ay’s recent interview with a Bengali channel his comment that he could not ‘pick between Gandhi and Godse’ also created a controvers­y.

While Bhattachar­ya during his campaigns rallied supporters with the slogan ‘Khela Hobe’ (the game is on), signalling the commenceme­nt of the fight for people’s democratic rights, his archrival Gangopadhy­a, on the other hand, is trying to highlight the alleged “misgoverna­nce” by the TMC government in the state.

Gangopadhy­a was again caught in a controvers­y after he was heard in a video saying: “It appears as if the death knell of Mamata Banerjee has rung”. TMC alleged that Gangopadhy­ay had wished for Mamata Banerjee’s death.

Dibyendu Adhikari won the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Tamluk on a TMC ticket with 7,24,433 votes. He had defeated BJP’s Siddhartha Sankar Naskar by 1,90,165 votes.

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