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Over 60 members of Gaza family killed in separate Israeli strikes


Gaza's Tabatibi family is in mourning for the second time in less than a month, after separate Israeli bombardmen­ts on buildings they were sheltering in killed more than 60 of their kin.

The latest strike occurred in the early hours of Friday in Gaza City's densely populated Daraj neighbourh­ood, killing at least 25 members of the family, a relative told AFP. In a narrow street, the six-storey building where the Tabatibi family had been staying was still standing on Friday, balconies barely hanging to its facade, the ground floor charred and its inside strewn with rubble.

"We didn't hear a missile come down or anything, we were all asleep", said Khaled al-Tabatibi, a surviving member of the family."Our house, my sisters, their children, their daughters, all of them are martyred, all of them are in pieces," he said through tears. "When the occupation aircraft bombed the house, we were asleep. We don't know why they targeted the house, it's a massacre, annihilati­on." Ziyad Dardas, a neighbour whose brother was injured in the strike, was at a loss for words. "This is madness, this is the peak of crime from our leaders and Israeli

leaders", he said.

"To the (Palestinia­n) Authority, to Hamas leaders, I say why is this not enough?"

The dead and injured were reportedly taken to Gaza City's Al-Shifa hospital, which was mostly destroyed in a recent Israeli military operation.The Tabatibi family, which has been displaced by Israeli bombardmen­ts on several occasions, had already been in mourning.

On March 15, the family had gathered in central Gaza to eat together during the first Friday night of Ramadan, a reunion that soon turned into a bloodbath.

An air strike hit the building where they were staying as women prepared the pre-fasting meal, killing 36 members of the family, witnesses told AFP at the time. The health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza, which provided the same death toll, blamed Israel for the strike in the city's Nuseirat area, as did survivors. Asked about that strike, the Israeli military said it targeted two "terror operatives" in Nuseirat "throughout the night," without elaboratin­g.

"They bombed the house while we were in it. My mother and my aunt were preparing

the suhoor food. They were all martyred," Mohammed al-Tabatibi said at the time at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, before the bodies of his relatives were stacked on a truck to be driven to a cemetery. The war in Gaza erupted with Hamas's unpreceden­ted October 7 attack on southern Israel, which resulted in the deaths of about 1,170 people, mostly civilians. Israel's retaliator­y military campaign to destroy Hamas has killed at least 33,634 people, mostly women and children, according to the Hamas-run territory's health ministry.

 ?? ?? Israeli air strikes killed over 60 Gaza family members
Israeli air strikes killed over 60 Gaza family members

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