Easy ways to cut down your SUGAR IN­TAKE

Giv­ing up on sugar could be the worst thing for many. Con­sid­er­ing how un­avoid­able it is, Nutri­tion­ists men­tion ways to slash the quan­tity in your diet

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High calo­rie food may be un­avoid­able, but you can out­smart the temp­ta­tion by in­dulging your sweet tooth with a dif­fer­ent and health­ier form of sugar, sug­gest ex­perts. Nutri­tion­ists give some handy short­cuts to re­duce sugar in­take:

▶Sugar, not fat: Not all sweets are born equal. Some, like ras­gul­lah, are high on sugar while oth­ers

like gu­lab ja­mun are high in sugar and fat. While it’s best to con­trol sweets of all kinds, if you must, in­dulge in only-sweet-based desserts like dark choco­late, plain san­desh, mishti doi, ras­gul­lah, jel­lies and cus­tards to re­duce the im­pact on your health post sea­son.

There are sev­eral op­tions avail­able in the mar­ket to­day – sugar free, gluten free, or­ganic, dry fruit and more. You can pick up th­ese desserts which are based on nat­u­ral sweet­en­ers like ste­via or use ste­via to make your favourite desserts at home – it gives your desserts a 100 per cent sweet­ness with­out the calo­ries.

▶Low fat does not mean low calo­rie: Just be­cause some­thing is low fat, doesn’t mean that it is low calo­rie. A sweet is a sweet and should be treated as such, un­less it is sweet­ened with health­ier al­ter­na­tive sweet­en­ers.

▶Dry fruit bears fruit: If you have the op­tion, choose the of­fered dry fruit in­stead – al­though try and give cashews a miss en­tirely if you can. Moder­ate amounts of dry fruit (say, a small hand­ful a day) con­tains loads of good fats and are good for you.

▶Ex­er­cise: Step up the work­outs this sea­son, be­cause your body will thank you for it in the New Year. Fight the in­stinct to stay curled up in the com­fort of your in­er­tia.

▶Hy­drate: With wa­ter, that is. And lots of it (about 2-3 litre per day). Your hunger and thirst cen­tres are set very close to­gether and some­times we eat be­cause we’re thirsty. And while we’re here, don’t for­get that al­co­hol adds tons of liq­uid calo­ries, so a glass of wine once or twice a week is re­ally the health­i­est way to drink your calo­ries.

If drink­ing wa­ter straight up gets a bit bor­ing, you could al­ter­na­tively make some in­fused wa­ter by adding some fruit to it like straw­berry or or­ange with a pinch of a nat­u­ral sugar sub­sti­tute.

▶Get your eight hours of sleep: Best for health and weight man­age­ment, don’t un­der­es­ti­mate the power of a good sleep. It has proven ben­e­fits for weight loss and health man­age­ment. In other words, you can snooze to lose.

Ex­perts say con­trol­ling your own en­vi­ron­ment is vi­tal.

If you’re hav­ing guests over, you can do healthy ver­sions of your favourite desserts. Use dates to sweeten your sweets in­stead of sugar or use a nat­u­ral sugar sub­sti­tutes.

▶Try load­ing them with a lot of dry and nat­u­ral fruits.

▶Roast your dish rather than deep fry­ing it.

▶Use nat­u­ral sweet­en­ers.

▶Also, you don’t have to eat ev­ery­thing you’ve been gifted. Do­nate, and sweeten some­one else’s life.


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