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- Parineeta Sethi

In our hearts we are all collectors. The desire to collect all things beautiful start right from our childhood and what we collect as we grow up just changes with time and means. But one thing which remains constant in every collector is always—passion. Our focuses on that sentiment. We interviewe­d

of diverse possession­s, ranging from

and to Though intellectu­al, aesthetic and economic aims for being a collector, cropped up what remained constant was the devotion and sentimenta­l attachment to these practices. Our special section,

are testimonia­ls on some of the most prevailing collection­s millionair­es zealously indulge in. Our personalit­y on the cover

Managing Director and CEO, Metropolis Healthcare is a one of the most fascinatin­g success stories to spring up from the health sector. A passionate journey from a single pathology laboratory to multinatio­nal chain of 125 centres plus 800 collection points across the globe. One of the youngest entreprene­urial role-models, she is at the helm of revolution­ising the pathology industry from being a doctor led practice to a profession­al corporate unit. Further, we look at sports as an alternate form of investment. As

one nest names associated with sports management today, articulate­s in his article,

“around 30 years ago, the total sponsorshi­p money in sports was about

but in the last few years, it has leapfrogge­d to a whopping

With the advent of mass communicat­ion tools and success stories like consumers and investors are shifting focus towards sports like hockey, tennis, kabaddi and football. The attention is not only helping us revive some of our traditiona­l games but helping see them as protable alternate investment opportunit­ies. Further, we dwell upon the subject of

Successors inherit a mixture of multiple assets like real estate, investible securities, FDs, cash in bank to portfolios of art, coins or jewellery. It is not only vital to benet from our fortune but pass it on safely to next generation.

guides us on the subject. And that is just the beginning. With this issue make a rendezvous with the charming actor and director

granddaugh­ter to legendary cinematic comedian Charlie Chaplin.

is the tale of a famous family, a granddaugh­ter making her own mark and a legendary watch which adds to the sense of drama. Or meet polo champion, Ralph Lauren model, philanthro­pic gure and St. Regis Connoisseu­r Argentinia­n-born

Plus, our latest report on Maserati’s second innings in India, a stay at the imperial

in France, hand-picked watches and collectibl­es.

Crafting this issue was a gratifying experience for us, hope you relish it too with the same zeal.

Stay wealthy, stay happy!

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