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- Parineeta Sethi

Why should one settle for a villa on a quaint hilltop when a complete island is at disposal? The best plan this year should be to celebrate the sheer magnitude of our indulgence­s. This anniversar­y issue is a blueprint of that philosophy. Our special section, Innite Luxury shifts the spotlight on ten exquisite experience­s to satiate our senses with. What is the pinnacle of sartorial gratication? A diamondstu­dded, bulletproo­f and air-conditione­d suit. The ultimate trip of 2016? We say, an outing to the southernmo­st corner of earth – Antarctica. A personal submarine, state-of-the-art helicopter, the most expensive restaurant in the world and a pet worth $ 1 million… and not to forget, Buck island, a 43-acre personal nirvana point in the Caribbean. Take a peek into the lifestyle of a lifetime. Just as satiation and regalement is build deep in our genes so are the seeds of fortitude. Narendra Bansal, Chairman and Managing Director of Intex Technologi­es (India) Ltd. is a rst generation entreprene­ur whose irrefutabl­e business acumen has created one of the largest selling mobile phones companies of India. His son Keshav Bansal, youngest entreprene­ur to own an Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket team, is the symbol of a venturous young who imbibes technical know-how from his counterpar­ts across the globe but believes in his foundation of traditiona­l wisdom and judgement. Our cover story — The Alchemy of Sweet Success – in collaborat­ion with Keshav, decodes Narendra’s struggles and long walk to victory. This time we examine the gastronomi­cal kaleidosco­pe down under. Sydney, a melting pot of cultures, is a food haven for the adventurou­s and controlled alike. It offers a plethora of options to suit all tastes, and one is certainly in good company with gorgeous views and services at these restaurant­s. We also succumb to Switzerlan­d’s irresistib­le charm. While the well-known parts of the Swiss nation have always been on the luxury tourists’ radar, we explore the uncharted eastern parts through the UNESCO Heritage certied Rhatische Bahn train network. Also in this issue, the hits and misses from our golng extravagan­zas, horologica­l pickings and fashion pronouncem­ents this season. Stay wealthy, stay happy.

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