– There are in­nu­mer­able firsts that can be at­trib­uted to the House of Breguet and its il­lus­tri­ous founder is giv­ing time a sound of its own

There are in­nu­mer­able firsts that can be at­trib­uted to the House of Breguet and its il­lus­tri­ous founder and prob­a­bly one of the most out­stand­ing of them is giv­ing time a sound of its own

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Taken in ab­so­lute iso­la­tion, a fine watch would stand as a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the watch­maker’s skill master of tech­nol­ogy. Some­one who utilised the cut­ting-edge sci­en­tific know-how at his or her dis­posal to cre­ate an in­stru­ment that drew ac­co­lades be­cause of its su­pe­rior abil­ity to tell time. How­ever, as we all know, a great watch is much more than pieces of ma­chin­ery work­ing to­gether in per­fect har­mony. It is the cul­mi­na­tion point of the best of tech­nol­ogy and un­matched aes­thet­ics which im­bues it with an ap­peal that tran­scends time it­self.

Abra­ham-Louis Breguet un­der­stood this well and that is why ev­ery sin­gle piece which bears his name is an abid­ing story of ground-break­ing tech­no­log­i­cal in­no­va­tion and el­e­gance which is noth­ing short of eter­nal. But A-L Breguet goes even fur­ther. He gave time a hith­erto un­known di­men­sion-he made time mu­si­cal.

As horol­ogy pro­gressed to ex­plore newer ar­eas, watch­mak­ers be­gan equip­ping their cre­ations with the abil­ity to count out time au­di­bly. Some utilised bells to achieve this, which was bulky and cum­ber­some while oth­ers de­ployed tiny ham­mers to tap on the case back to tell time. Need­less to say, the re­sults were far from pleas­ant to the ear.

Abra­ham-Louis Breguet sur­mounted this prob­lem for­ever in 1783 by fit­ting his ground-break­ing watches with cir­cu­lar metal­lic rings on which the ham­mers would strike cre­at­ing a melo­di­ous chime. It was just one of the many ways in which the master in­no­va­tor com­pletely trans­formed the art of watch­mak­ing and gave time a sound of its own.

Clas­sique Grande Com­pli­ca­tion 7637 Minute Re­peater

There is no doubt about the fact that the minute re­peater holds an ex­alted po­si­tion in the horo­log­i­cal uni­verse be­cause there are very few in this world who have the skills re­quired to fit and ad­just the del­i­cate parts that go into the mak­ing of a minute re­peater.

The House of Breguet, in its con­stant quest for in­no­va­tion, per­fected a new way of de­sign­ing and fit­ting these parts which also fea­tured in­no­va­tive po­si­tions for the gongs, gong rests and ham­mers. This patented tech­nique pow­ers the Clas­sique Grande Com­pli­ca­tion which fea­tures a crys­tal clear sound that has never been heard be­fore in any re­peater with­out chimes.

The Clas­sique Grande 7637 comes in 18k sil­ver and rose gold fin­ish and boasts a clear sap­phire case back which dis­plays the watch’s hand wound move­ment.

Clas­sique Grande Com­pli­ca­tion 7639 Haute Joail­lerie Minute Re­peater

Of­ten la­belled the ‘se­nior’ com­pan­ion piece to the 7637 Minute Re­peater, the Clas­sique Grande Com­pli­ca­tion 7639 aug­ments sonor­ity of the watch by adding the pres­tige of baguette di­a­monds to minute re­peater func­tion. The pu­rity and hard­ness of di­a­monds re­duces vi­bra­tion loss to a min­i­mum which gives the 7639 a beau­ti­fully pure sound that would de­light any con­nois­seur of chim­ing Grande Hor­logerie.

Clas­sique 5447 Minute Re­peater & Per­pet­ual Cal­en­dar

A mas­ter­piece of tech­ni­cal in­ge­nu­ity and har­mony, the new Clas­sique 5447 has cre­ated a place for it­self in the cov­eted cir­cle of Grande Com­pli­ca­tions thanks to the sev­eral stun­ning as­pects that come en­cased in its white or pink gold cos­tume. One such as­pect is the rich tone of its sound which is a di­rect re­sult of the un­ceas­ing work at the R&D de­part­ment of Mon­tres Breguet. Util­is­ing psy­cho-acous­tic tests and analy­ses that have served to fine-tune clar­ity and sound res­o­lu­tion, the Clas­sique 5447 is a time­less cre­ation.

Pocket Watch 1907 Tour­bil­lon & Grand Strike

Be­fore we go any fur­ther into de­tails that make the Pocket Watch 1907 as­sume one of the high­est ti­tles amongst Gran­des Com­pli­ca­tions, here is a sig­nif­i­cant fact. The yel­low-gold case of the watch is made of two se­cret cov­ers. One hides the face and the other cov­ers the move­ment as­sem­bly. These cov­ers are adorned with a bar­l­ey­corn pat­tern and there is only one crafts­man in the world to­day who knowns how to ex­e­cute this ex­tra­or­di­nary mas­ter­piece.

If that were not in­di­ca­tion enough of the ex­clu­siv­ity of this cre­ation, the Pocket Watch 1907 has been the sub­ject of two patents which is ev­i­dence enough of Breguet’s will­ing­ness and abil­ity to carry on the legacy of its il­lus­tri­ous founder.

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