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08 LONG STORY MONDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2019 NEW DELHI REPORTAGE | TALKING POINTS | IDEAS GATHBANDHAN N Y O Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan. As in politics, when there is success, there will be a race to take credit. One also has to accept responsibility for failure and that kind of leadership should be there. (Party) leadership should own up to failures. If I am the party president and my members of Parliament and members of the legislative assembly are not doing well, then who is responsible? I am. (Gadkari went on to stress that “tolerance was the biggest asset of the Indian system”.) People like those leaders who show them dreams. But if those dreams are not fulfilled, then people thrash these leaders. That is why you must only show dreams that can be fulfilled. I am not among those who show dreams. I meet people who want to devote their lives for the BJP. I asked [one person] what he does. He said I have closed my shop...there is a wife at home and children. I said first take care of your home, because one who can’t manage his home can’t manage the country. m MINT SHORT STORY WHAT Union minister Nitin Gadkari’s recent statements have put him in direct conflict with Modi and Shah, and given rise to speculation that he might be eyeing the prime ministerial role after 2019 general elections. HOW Despite being BJP president till 2012, Gadkari still lacks a national presence. What then gives fuel to Gadkari’s chances for the top job? Simply put, it’s the expansive support base he has built over the years in the RSS, BJP and media. BUT Despite his doer reputation, analysts don’t give Gadkari a real chance. However, realizing that coalition politics still has a future, Gadkari would surely aim at being a leader of cross-party acceptability. ‘co‘unterpoint His statements have helped create Gadkari as a to Modi-shah combine. But he lacks real power to take on the duo ‘G‘adkari Realizing that coalition politics still has a future, would surely aim at being a leader of cross-party acceptability AKSHAY MUKUL SUHAS PALSHIKAR AUTHOR OF GITA PRESS AND THE MAKING OF HINDU INDIA POLITICAL SCIENTIST AND CHIEF EDITOR OF STUDIES IN INDIAN POLITICS

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