Mint ST : 2019-02-11

POLITICS : 22 : 18


NEW DELHI, MUMBAI, BENGALURU, KOLKATA, CHENNAI, AHMEDABAD, HYDERABAD, CHANDIGARH*, PUNE* VOL. 13 NO. 36 Rs 5.00 IN DELHI-NCR; Rs 6.00 OUTSIDE DELHI-NCR. PRICE WITH HINDUSTAN TIMES Rs 9.50 (FOR DELHI & NCR) ‘BJP EXPLOITED DISGRUNTLED CONG MLAS IN KARNATAKA’ ‘NITI AAYOG CANNOT BE OVERLY CRITICAL OF THE GOVT’ MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 up17 up16 LIVEMINT.COM TWITTERVERSE DON’T MISS Abhishek Singhvi The middle class takes poll position m It is clear that the middle class is emerging as a key electoral constituency, writes Anil Padmanabhan. P17 IMF warns of global economic ‘storm’ as growth undershoot s IIM-C records 100% placements The IIM-C recorded 100% placement in the first two days of the annual event, the institution said. Arun Jaitley P16 ‘Jaitley likely to resume charge’ Interim finance minister Piyush Goyal hinted that Arun Jaitley may resume charge soon. Mehbooba Mufti Congress wants to impose the ‘majboor’ model (referring to the dispensation in Karnataka) across the nation P16 Will Priyanka help Congress win? Congress will have to really work hard to regain lost ground in the Hindi belt, writes Shashi Shekhar. P16 The meeting is likely to take place sometime this month, either in Porbandar, or in the capital Gandhinagar I did not worry about the consequences, but I knew that it would be seen as a political act, said Mohanan

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