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NEW DELHI, MUMBAI, BENGALURU, KOLKATA, CHENNAI, AHMEDABAD, HYDERABAD, CHANDIGARH*, PUNE* VOL. 13 NO. 36 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 LIVEMINT.COM SENSEX NIFTY DOLLAR EURO GOLD OIL 36,546.48 10,943.60 71.31 80.60 33,005.00 62.10 mint primer Justice delayed While the number of cases pending in the Supreme Court has come down marginally, cases pending in high courts have risen 9.7%. Supreme Court High courts 62,537 59,272 55,588 3,870,373 2015 56,994 4,015,147 2016 4,244,907 2017 4,245,775 2018* 2015 2016 2017 2018* *As on 1 Dec 2018 *As on 31 Jan 2019 Source: Lok Sabha unstarred question no. 608 IMF CHIEF ON BREXIT WHAT TO WATCH FOR TODAY 4 5 Do lower courts also face issues with vacancies? Between the end of 2013 and end of 2018, the sanctioned strength of judicial officers in lower courts went up from 19,518 to 22,833. The working strength has increased from 15,115 to 17,701. This basically means that there is still a shortage of 5,132 judges, which has led to a huge increase in the number of pending cases in lower courts. Of the total 29.7 million cases pending in lower courts, nearly 20.5 million cases were added between 2015 and now. US-CHINA TRADE TALKS RESUME IN BEIJING CAG REPORT ON RAFALE DEAL TO BE SUBMITTED TO THE PRESIDENT 61ST GRAMMY AWARDS TO BE HELD IN LOS ANGELES MINT CURATOR | 5 THINGS BEFORE BREAKFAST 1 2 3 4 5 A ROYAL SORRY & SURRENDER FOOD COURT SERVES FINE TO SIR, WITH LEGALESE ROBOTS WORK AS STEWARDS SOCIAL STRESS SPARES NONE Supreme Court judge A.K. Sikri has said in the digital era, even before a case is taken up by the court, people start discussing on social media what the outcome "should be", which has an influence on the judges. Social media is stressful for the jury too. Prince Philip, the 97-year-old husband of British Queen Elizabeth II, has voluntarily surrendered his driving licence, weeks after a miraculous escape in an accident that injured two women in another car. He has written to them, saying he was “deeply sorry”. Lingala Kedari Food Court in Warangal fines people Ŗ50 per plate if they leave food. Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund MD Nilesh Shah tweeted about it, asking if the idea should be implemented across India. Last week, Jeff Bezos got a letter from the National Enquirer. It wanted him to stop disputing its motives for its probe into his romantic life and it would refrain from publishing more embarrassing photos of him. Who sent the letter? Lawyer Jon Fine, a former staff of Amazon. The takeover by robots is happening faster than you can imagine. Two restaurants in Chennai and one in Hyderabad now have robots taking orders and serving food. They need three hours of charging. An ANI report said Bengaluru would have an outlet soon.

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