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PLAIN FACTS : 7 : 03


03 PLAIN FACTS MONDAY, 11 FEBRUARY 2019 NEW DELHI m Chart 2 Chart 3a Chart 1 The LIC boost to the government's divestment program Fiscal councils have grown globally Interim budgets are typically wide off the mark 58 % share of LIC in government stake sales in PSUS* Number of independent fiscal councils % deviation in actuals with respect to budget estimates Fiscal deficit Revenue deficit 49 81.3 40 39 33 2016 46.4 19 10.3 5.5 9 2010 6 9 regular budgets interim budgets* Average of (1991-2014) Average of (1991-2014) 3 2017-18 2013-14 2014-15 2012-13 2015-16 2016-17 2000 *Includes the budgets presented in Feb of 1991, 1996, 1998, 2004, and 2009, and excludes the 2014 interim budget, which was an outlier among interim budgets. *Amount invested by LIC is estimated based on the stake purchased and the stock prices of the respective PSU'S 1970 Chart 3b Most fiscal councils are in the West, but the rest are catching up Sweden Finland Denmark Netherlands UK Ireland Estonia Latvia Hungary Romania Canada Belgium France Germany Italy Austria Greece Georgia US PLAIN FACTS Iran Year of establishment Spain South Korea Mexico Before 1990 Uganda 19902008 Colombia Kenya After 2008 Brazil Peru Australia Chile South Africa Source: Playing with Fiscal Arithmetic, Vaidya and Kangasabapathy EPW 2014, Prime Database, IMF Fiscal Council Dataset 2017 AHMED RAZA KHAN/MINT NEWS IN NUMBERS m 1 million What is it? The estimated number of Uighurs in Chinese internment camps, according to a UN human rights panel. Why is it important? Turkey has demanded that China shut down these camps, after reports of the death of Abdurehim Heyit, a prominent Uighur musician. Uighurs speak Turkic, a language close to Turkish. Tell me more: China has drawn flak over their treatment of Uighurs, who are subject to surveillance, arrests and prisons for ‘reeducation’. There are 11 million Uighurs in China. 100 What is it? The number of goals scored by Welsh footballer Gareth Bale for Spanish club Real Madrid. Bale reached his century when he came off the bench to score a goal for his club against Atletico Madrid in the Spanish La Liga on Saturday. It helped Real win the match 3-1, and overtake its rival to get to the second place behind Barcelona. The other two goals were scored by Carlos Casimiro and Sergio Ramos. Bale, who has been playing for Real since 2013, might have to quit the club if UK leaves the EU after a “no deal” Brexit on 29 March. Why is it important? Tell me more: Data and text compiled by Howindialives howindialives.comis a search engine for public data

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