Q MyMy tod­dler was hap­pily hav­ing one nap a day, but now he’s turned two he’s sud­denly started re­sist­ing his nap. What do I do?

Fiona Moore, Bre­con

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This is such a com­mon prob­lem that it has its own name! It’s called the two-year-old nap strike. At some point around the age of two, chil­dren have a big de­vel­op­men­tal leap. And dur­ing this time, prob­a­bly be­cause they’re so keen to prac­tise their new skills, they stop nap­ping. This can last any­thing from one to six weeks. But your tod­dler still needs his sleep. Chil­dren need a daily nap un­til they’re at least two-and-a-half, with some sleep-lovers hang­ing onto a day­time snooze un­til they’re al­most four. So, just keep on of­fer­ing the nap. If he re­fuses, then have quiet time in­stead, ly­ing on the sofa lis­ten­ing to au­dio books or do­ing a gen­tle ac­tiv­ity like colouring. If you are per­sis­tent and keep of­fer­ing the nap, then he will go back to nap­ping. But this can take a few weeks: so, keep at it.

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