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Limit the in­take of foods made of refined flour like white bread and buns. Avoid un­der­cooked or raw eggs, or foods likely to be made with raw eggs such as may­on­naise and homemade mousses. Eggs should al­ways be well-cooked. Also re­frain from raw or un­der­cooked meat, poul­try, and fish. Skip eat­ing fish which are high in methylmer­cury con­tent such as shark, sword­fish, king mack­erel, and tile­fish. Do not con­sume un­pas­teurised milk or curd. Keep cau­tion when you are eat­ing out. Avoid raw veg­eta­bles, fruits, and juices when eat­ing out, since you may not be sure of the hy­giene prac­tices. Avoid greasy or heav­ily spiced foods, junk foods, fast foods which are heavy in calo­ries and pro­vide fewer nu­tri­ents.

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