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They are lit­tle peo­ple now, with points of views that need to be heard. Also, they be­gin to un­der­stand ‘no’ as an an­swer when ex­plained why. At this stage we miss the baby that grew up and ad­mire the small in­di­vid­ual in front of us. But even now they can’t be ex­pected to sit still and fo­cus on stud­ies. They love run­ning around, free play, all their toys, Tom and Jerry—a whole world around them is wait­ing to be dis­cov­ered. So for teach­ing the al­pha­bet or one to ten or po­ems or EVS (an­i­mals and their young ones, colours, days of the week etc.) just get your child to sit with you for short pe­ri­ods of time. Af­ter that, let the child re­turn to free play. They have small at­ten­tion spans and will ac­tu­ally get up and walk away if you over do the teach­ing!

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