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❶ Fold the A3 size pa­per into four equal parts, one hor­i­zon­tal and one ver­ti­cal fold.

❷ Cut the above. Roll in a cylin­dri­cal shape and sta­ple them.

➌ Stick two legs to­gether so you have two pairs of ele­phant legs now.

➍ Take half of the A4 size pa­per. Draw a ‘T’ shape and round the edges.

➎ Fold and roll the long end of the T and to form the face and ears of the ele­phant. Make the eyes by stick­ing small cir­cle eye­balls on a white cir­cu­lar base.

❻ Cut a long pa­per and roll to shape like a trunk and stick on the face.

❼ As­sem­ble the en­tire baby ele­phant by keep­ing the legs in po­si­tion first. Place the re­main­ing half of the A4 size pa­per in a semi­cir­cle form on the legs for the body.

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