(stand­ing war­rior)

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Stand keep­ing your legs 3-4 feet apart. Spread out your hands par­al­lel to the floor to­wards each leg. Now, point the right foot out­wards in 90-de­grees and turn your torso to­wards the right side, keep­ing your back erect and hands par­al­lel to the ground as far as pos­si­ble. Bend the right knee and try to gen­tly push your pelvis down­wards. Hold the pos­ture and then try it on the left side.

Ben­e­fits: The war­rior II, as it is called, helps tone the arms and legs, eases lower back-ache and sci­at­ica, im­proves bal­ance and stamina and al­le­vi­ates frozen shoul­ders. It is con­sid­ered to bring aus­pi­cious­ness, strength, grace, and calm­ness.

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