It is so cold, my baby is not get­ting any di­a­per free time. Will he end up with rashes?

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An­swer: No prob­lem. Just mas­sage the baby’s di­a­per area with baby oil / vase­lene / any other oint­ment or pow­der you swear by, and then put di­a­per on him. That should pre­vent rashes due to too much di­a­per time. On warmer days when the sun is out, and the baby has just peed and pooed both, feel free to leave the baby in warm py­ja­mas with­out di­a­pers. Even 15 min­utes is enough. Stay vig­i­lant though. If the in­fant pees, wash and change him im­me­di­ately, lest they catch a cold from the wet pa­ja­mas.

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