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Two types of di­ges­tive is­sues af­fect chil­dren dur­ing win­ters – vi­ral and non­vi­ral. Pae­di­a­tri­cian Dr Chetan Ginigeri of Aster CMI Hos­pi­tal, Bengaluru, ex­plains, “In places that see more than nor­mal tem­per­a­ture drop, chil­dren are known to get af­flicted by ro­tavirus, which causes di­ar­rhoea and res­pi­ra­tory prob­lems. Ro­tavirus usu­ally shows up dur­ing the win­ter in kids be­tween 6 and 24 months.” Apart from that, as the di­ges­tive sys­tem be­comes slug­gish in win­ter, chil­dren can be at a risk of con­sti­pa­tion.


Pae­di­a­tri­cian Dr San­jay Sharma from Columbia Asia Hos­pi­tal, Ghazi­abad, ad­vises to pre­pare your child for win­ters by in­clud­ing fresh veg­eta­bles and fruits, dry fruits, dairy prod­ucts, nuts/oilseeds, whole grains/legumes and lim­ited amount of ghee, in his/her diet. These will pro­vide nec­es­sary oil and fat, boost im­mu­nity and en­sure the di­ges­tive sys­tem works smooth. Avoid pro­cessed and junk food as they may take longer to digest. Ro­tavirus vac­ci­na­tion should be taken at the ap­pro­pri­ate time.


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