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TEENY TWITCHES Does your baby twitch in her sleep? Sci­en­tists at the Uni­ver­sity of Iowa think that these tiny move­ments might re­veal which phys­i­cal skills your baby is work­ing on. So if she twitches her neck, it might not be long be­fore she’s sup­port­ing her head when she’s awake.

SWEET SMILES Tiny ba­bies do smile. Even in the first month of birth, if you see your baby with a spon­ta­neous smile dur­ing her sleep, she’s prob­a­bly en­joy­ing a spot of REM dream­ing.

LIVELY EYES She’s def­i­nitely dream­ing if you can see her eyes mov­ing rapidly be­neath her eye­lids. Sci­en­tists at Tel Aviv Uni­ver­sity have dis­cov­ered that as our eyes flicker quickly back and forth in our sleep, the scenes in our dreams are chang­ing.

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