Con­scious breath­ing

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The al­ter­nate nos­tril breath­ing tech­nique, known as Nadi Shod­han, will help you re­bal­ance post-birth. Sit com­fort­ably and place the tip of your in­dex and mid­dle fin­gers of your right hand in be­tween your eye­brows, your ring and lit­tle fin­ger on your left nos­tril, and your thumb on your right nos­tril. Now press your thumb down on your right nos­tril and breathe out gen­tly through the left. Then breathe in through your left nos­tril and then press it with your ring and lit­tle fin­ger be­fore breath­ing out through your right nos­tril. Try it now – it’s re­ally calm­ing!

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