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Kids Getting Bored? Here are the Apps that Entertain and Educate Too!

Here are the Apps that Entertain and Educate Too!

- By Ramesh Kumar Raja

In light of the surging cases of COVID-19 infections in the country, various states have decided to declare summer vacations in schools, earlier than it was originally planned. And like the last year, parents are a worried lot this time too, about how to engage their kids during free time in over month-long holidays. Neither summer camps nor are the neighbourh­ood institutio­ns open to offer them the hobby classes. The fear of coronaviru­s is such in the air that not only parents, even the kids are cautious of the impending danger outside their homes. In such a situation, children are finally at a loss to utilise their pastime in activities that satisfy them the most.

Storytelli­ng apps or those imparting moral and educationa­l values to children could be of great help to today’s parents who are mostly living in nuclear families. These apps can be best pastime for children getting bored indoors. With technology fast becoming an integral part of life from a very early age, we suggest you to download children-friendly apps on your phone/tablet and give the device to them for a pre-decided time slot after switching off the internet. Here is a list of some most popular apps available for IOS and Android devices.

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