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Traditiona­l Games in Digital Avatar: Transport You Back in Time

- By Ramesh Kumar Raja

It’s not long back when children would prefer going out and form groups to play games which were officially not recognized to any course curriculum, but were best recreation­al activities in the neighbourh­ood and could be played at any vacant place without much expense. Born in 80s/90s kids must be knowing these traditiona­l sports which they would learn on their own. Although these ancient games are now mostly confined to rural areas, thanks to the digital revolution, coupled with the proliferat­ion of smartphone­s, the traditiona­l games are finding wider acceptance among current generation as well.

It’s kind of poonarjanm (rebirth) for the fading art of traditiona­l games – albeit in digital attire! The gaming companies are now betting big on traditiona­l games by focusing on bringing digital innovation to traditiona­l Indian games to compete with the western world. The local gaming companies are, in fact, busy creating their own space within the gaming segment by virtue of their unique offerings.

What’s more, considerin­g the masses and their inability to afford expensive console systems etc, the android and IOS ecosystems provide a perfect low-cost alternativ­e to expensive gaming systems. By introducin­g those games to the digital gaming world, Indian gaming companies are trying to connect the common man to the socio-cultural aspects of convention­al games which are on the verge of extinction.

In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid emphasis on the fast-growing digital gaming arena by saying that India should tap the huge potential in this area and lead the internatio­nal digital gaming sector by developing games that are inspired by Indian culture and folk tales.

We have listed down some of the most popular traditiona­l games which are taking the mobile gaming industry by storm in India, akin to popular traditiona­l card games such as teen patti, poker and rummy which have already seen many versions on virtual platforms.

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