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Youtube working with government­s to ensure openness of platform


Google-owned video platform youtube is focused on working with government­s to better shape regulation­s that allow it to preserve openness, while protecting communitie­s from harmful content. youtube Chief Product Officer Neal mohan recently said that the platform has always had a robust set of community guidelines to protect the ecosystem of users, creators and partners from aspects like hate speech, misinforma­tion and harmful content. “...We want to work with government agencies, regulators...all over the world discussing ways that youtube can play the role that it plays in a way that satisfies the framework that government­s have... We’ve been doing that for years, for example, in India for the last 13 years and will continue to do so,” he said during a session at the Raisina Dialogue. He added that when the company establishe­s its community guidelines and rules, that is done in an open manner as well in consultati­on with people from across the political spectrum from all parts of the world.

“We publish those guidelines clearly on our site, and we try to enforce them in a way where we’re not distinguis­hing between regions of the world, who the speaker is, we try to enforce them uniformly regardless of whether it’s a private citizen, head of state, in a way that’s transparen­t and clearly published on our platform,” the top executive said. He further emphasised that youtube understand­s its responsibi­lity as an open platform that allows sharing of diverse points of view, and it does that in a way “that builds up things like election integrity, free functionin­g, democratic societies, as opposed to clamping down on them”. mohan cited examples of how youtube has been working on maintainin­g integrity on the platform during elections across the world. He explained that the platform has worked with political candidates across the political spectrum to make sure they have a presence on the platform and can share their opinions and thoughts.n

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