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Bulbul apps, founded in 2015 by filmmaker Prakash Dantuluri, so that his daughter could be familiariz­ed with traditiona­l and regional stories of India, offers a variety of interactiv­e stories and rhymes that are animated and illustrate­d. The bedtime stories with moral lessons are user-friendly and children find them attractive. There are stories from all around the world and the app is updated regularly with new books and stories. The central character in many of the stories is ‘Bulbul’, the bird “curious and constantly in pursuit of discoverin­g new things”.

The app library has something for every kid aged up to eight. The ‘What is it’ series, for example, helps children learn about animal sounds and names, while the ‘Baby Bath Time’ story has a baby going for a bath in the tub on her own for the first time. There is this ‘Potty Potty’ story that has infant Tommy in a fix when his mom runs out of diapers and asks him to start using the potty. In ‘Baby’s First Zoo’, the dad takes the kid to the zoo to answer all her questions about different animals, birds and insects. ‘mowgli and Bulbul’ series has mowgli, the little boy raised in the jungle by a bunch of wolves, and his ‘best friend Bulbul’ set out on their adventures in the jungle. Bulbul apps has interprete­d the The Jungle Book classic in a modern way, designing it in the form of an interactiv­e ebook applicatio­n.

It has also introduced the digital natives to Indian mythology with its ‘adventures of Krishna’ series, which is already a hit with children. The segment is dedicated to the stories of little Krishna and his adventures in Vrindavan.

It also has a Tuk-tuk series, a ‘travel app for kids’ that helps them discover a city in an interactiv­e manner. While ‘Tuk-tuk Goes To mumbai’ happens to be the first product of the series, ‘Tuk-tuk Goes To Hyderabad’ was launched later. The children can explore more cities of the world riding the colourful three-wheeler through this app, in future. The Bulbul apps library also has famous fairy tales and other bedtime stories, such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Snow White’ and ‘Pinocchio’, in animation format. The size of an average story is 20mb, with the developers currently working on bringing it down further to 10mb. Bulbul apps has dozens of apps in its library and the number is growing.

Currently available in English, Hindi and Telugu, the content will be available in all major Indian languages in the days to come, according to the developers.

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