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Sandisk ixpand Flash Drive Luxe

Move your content seamlessly between iphone and USB Type-c devices


Storage solutions provider Western Digital recently launched the company’s first flash drive with dual Lightning and USB Type-c connectors, the Sandisk ixpand Flash Drive Luxe in India. This is built for consumers who are searching for a solution to share content across the compatible devices, including iphones and mac computers. With both Lightning and USB Type-c connectors and an all-metal casing, the Sandisk ixpand Flash Drive Luxe provides a sleek way for users to seamlessly access and move files between iphone, ipad Pro, mac and other USB Type-c devices, including android phones.

Western Digital resolves the hassle of moving files between devices with different connectors with the new Sandisk ixpand Flash Drive Luxe. This new flash drive comes with two connectors, which enables a quick move of files, eliminatin­g the need to email content from one device to another in order to upload or save. Once files are on the drive, they can be transferre­d using the high-speed USB 3.0 connector to a USB Type-c-compatible computer. Consumers who want a heightened sense of privacy can password-protect their files and photos with the ixpand Drive app. The app can also be used to free up space on an iphone or to automatica­lly back up photos, videos, documents and contacts without the hassle of a slow internet connection. The drive is available in 64GB, 128GB and256gb, allowing more space for photos, videos and games. The new Sandisk ixpand Flash Drive Luxe is available at the Western Digital Store, amazon and other select retailers. It’s available in different storage variants.n

Price: INR 4,449 (64GB); INR 5,919 (128GB); INR 8,999 (256GB)

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