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Ubon BT-5690 Prime Star

Relish the vibe of a powerful bass with this headphone


Domestic gadget accessory and consumer electronic­s brand Ubon has expanded its product line with the launch of brand-new BT-5690 Prime Star headphone which can stream powerful sound up to 12 hours at a single charge. The headphone comes equipped with 32 mm Ubon drivers and is easy to use because of the wireless Bluetooth technology. The headset has a built-in dual microphone which provides a 360-degree surround sound support. Its independen­t CPU delivers a crystal-clear sound and a deeper bass music and is equipped with durable connector.

The Ubon Prime Star headphones are carefully designed to provide hands-free experience for those indulging in sports activity or driving without any hassle. It’s adjustable volume feature helps you to adjust volume when you’re listening to music or you want to talk on call without any distractio­n. The headphone offers extra soft cushions for superb comfort and its speaker provides natural sound effect to give a real-time experience. This Bluetooth device has an inbuilt aux system to play music anywhere and anytime. With easy portabilit­y, these headphones are a grab to inject music into every aspect of your busy life. you can buy these headphones from your nearby retail outlets and e-commerce platforms like amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.n

 ??  ?? Price : INR 2,499
Price : INR 2,499

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