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Telecom industry cautions people against mobile tower installati­on frauds


The telecom industry, represente­d by COAI and TAIPA, the apex bodies of telecom service providers and telecom infrastruc­ture providers respective­ly, have cautioned the public against fraud related to the installati­on of mobile towers on their properties. The public is cautioned against certain companies, agencies, or individual­s who are fraudulent­ly approachin­g people and asking them to deposit money in their personal or company accounts in the name of tax for leasing their premises for installati­on of mobile towers. The same individual­s are also offering fake “No Objection Certificat­es” for the installati­on of towers. mobile towers are installed either by Telecom Service Providers (TSP) or Infrastruc­ture Providers (IP) and members of the public are requested to verify authentici­ty by visiting the websites of TSPS or IPS before accepting any offers for tower installati­on. an updated list of approved TSPS and IPS is also available at

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