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Mark Zuckerberg urged by advocacy group to cancel plans to launch Instagram for kids


Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood (CCFC), an advocacy group, has reportedly urged Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg to not create a version of photo-sharing app Instagram for children who are under 13, as it would put them at great risk. according to news agency Reuters, the CCFC letter to the Facebook boss comes at a time when the social media major has been criticized for amplifying misinforma­tion globally across its platforms, while also exposing children to inappropri­ate material. CCFC said that Instagram exploits youngsters’ fear of missing out as they constantly check their devices seeking approval and uploading pictures. He said that the platform’s continuous focus on appearance and self-presentati­on would be a challenge to adolescent­s’ privacy and wellbeing. The letter said, “While collecting valuable family data and cultivatin­g a new generation of Instagram users may be good for Facebook’s bottom line, it will likely increase the use of Instagram by young children who are particular­ly vulnerable to the platform’s manipulati­ve and exploitati­ve features.”

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