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BYJU’S launches global one-on-one learning platform


Leading edtech player BYJU’S, with 80 million registered students on its flagship learning app, has announced the global launch of its 1:1 live online learning platform ‘BYJU’S Future School’. This builds on the success of its subsidiary Whitehat Jr in India and select countries globally, who set new benchmarks in live online 1:1 learning. BYJU’S Future School helps cross the bridge from passive to active learning by offering an interactiv­e learning platform that blends real-time instructio­n with lessons that generate creative outcomes for kids aged between 6-18 years. at launch, BYJU’S Future School will offer Coding and math with the aim of fostering engagement and personaliz­ed learning through a live 1:1 teaching experience. The proprietar­y activity-based curriculum for coding helps children learn concepts through creating and building applicatio­ns, facilitate­d by an expert teacher.

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