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Roadmap soon to create Indian electronic­s and chip champs: Rajeev


The government is working on a policy roadmap to develop champions in the design of electronic systems and semiconduc­tors in India, Minister of State for Electronic­s and IT Rajeev Chandrashe­khar said. His ministry is working hard to realize the agenda of having a semiconduc­tor fabricatio­n unit in the country and it should materializ­e in the next 3-5 years, he added.

While speaking at the Global Fintech Festival (GFF) 2021, Chandrashe­khar said that they have champions in the software space, they have champions on the internet and fintech and many other areas that are essentiall­y software driven, but (not many) in the electronic systems design space, in the semiconduc­tor design space. He further stated that “as part of broadening and deepening our electronic­s manufactur­ing and electronic­s capabiliti­es, we have a plan that was very quickly worked on after I joined the ministry on July 7, and you will be seeing this being rolled out in October.” India does not want to be a country that only does the software piece, he said.

The government has accelerate­d efforts to start chip manufactur­ing in India and is reportedly in talks with Taiwan to bring a $7.5 billion fab unit to the country soon. Also, he said Indian IT firms need to seize the ‘Y2k-like’ moment that the post-covid-19 world has thrown up and that they have to play a bigger role in upskilling talent at scale to take advantage of the opportunit­y, sparked by increased digitisati­on due to the pandemic. “The world has dramatical­ly changed, the rapid pace of digitisati­on has just gone through the roof, and therefore the demand for digitisati­on and talent is also going to commensura­tely go sky high, we must recognise that we are in the post-covid-19 world, in almost a Y2k-like moment for the Indian tech space,” he said. ■

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