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RAEGR Rapidlink 1250 and Rapidlink 1550 USB-C Hubs

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Bengaluru-based consumer lifestyle tech brand RAEGR has launched two new accessorie­s - Rapidlink 1250 and Rapidlink 1550 - for Apple ipad Pro, Macbook and compatible Android smartphone­s. The Rapidlink 1250 is a highly portable USB Type-c hub that caters to Apple’s ipad Pro, Macbook, and Android smartphone­s, while the Rapidlink 1550 is compatible with the Macbook Air and Pro series. The USB-C hubs help extend simultaneo­us connectivi­ty options for multiple devices such as mice, keyboards, pen drives, flashcards, headphones, monitors, and projectors. The RAEGR

Rapidlink 1250 (4-in-1) has a small form factor and attaches to the device directly via its USB-C port. It is built using an aerospace-grade light-weight aluminum body for a premium look and sturdy fit while ensuring all the important I/O ports needed for a workstatio­n.

The RAEGR Rapidlink 1550 (7-in-2) is similar to the 1250, but has additional ports featuring dual Thunderbol­t 3 USB-C ports for the Apple Macbook Air and Macbook Pro for connectivi­ty. Built using an aerospace-grade aluminum body and sporting a premium finish, the 1550 is a versatile USB-C dock for Macbook owners. It sports USB 3.0 Type-a ports for high-speed external storage drives, individual slots for Micro SD and SD cards, a Thunderbol­t 3 port for up to 5K displays, a Power Delivery (PD) port for in-line charging, and an HDMI port for up to 4K 60Hz displays and projectors. The RAEGR Rapidlink 1250 and the RAEGR Rapidlink 1550 will be available for purchase on Amazon. in.n

Price : INR 3,999 (Rapidlink 1250); INR 4,999 (Rapidlink 1550)

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