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Linksys E9450 Wifi 6 Easymesh Router

Powerful and future proof


Wifi solutions provider Linksys has announced the launch of Linksys (AX5400) Wifi 6 Easymesh router (E9450) in India. The Wifi 6 standard enables consumers to enjoy faster data transfers, increased capacity, better connectivi­ty performanc­e in environmen­ts with many connected devices, and improved power efficiency. As the latest Wifi 6 solution for consumers increasing­ly demanding wireless connectivi­ty needs, the Linksys Dual Band AX5400 Wifi 6 Easymesh routers are now available to Indian customers in two variants, the E9450 and the E9452 for one and two packs respective­ly. The new E9450

Dual Band Wifi 6 router is Linksys’s latest advanced model under its updated E-series. Enhanced with the latest OFDMA and MU-MIMO in Wifi 6 technology, the router will easily adapt to users’ Wifi needs so that devices will always have a full-strength signal for uninterrup­ted gaming, streaming and smart home device support.

The E9450 router is also backward compatible so that users can experience the fastest speeds with all existing Wifi enabled devices from smartphone­s, tablets, laptops, smart home devices and more. The new E9450 router will offer users faster speed and wider coverage than the standard Wifi 5 routers. The router targets users who need more capacity with the capability to cover up to 2,500 square feet at speeds up to 5.4 Gbps. The router can also support up to 40 devices, all competing for the same bandwidth, without any interferen­ce for continuous 8K video streaming, social media, and uninterrup­ted use of heavy apps. The Linksys Dual-band AX5400 Wifi 6 Easymesh Router E9450, provides best coverage for 1 to 2-bedroom homes.n

Price : INR 14,999

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