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Aiwa MI-X and SB-X350 Series Speakers

The new standard in luxury acoustics


Iconic Japanese audio brand Aiwa has come up with its new range of luxury acoustics, hi-fi speakers in India. All the models are portable, with high power rechargeab­le batteries and can be used both at home and outdoors.

MI-X450 Pro Enigma and MI-X 150 Retro Plus X

MI-X450 Pro enigma comes with best in class audio components delivering stunning audio with a twist of retro styling, in terms of design. It is equipped with a triple-driver set-up, bluetooth version 5.0 and built-in Li-ion battery. The new compact mi –X 450 Pro enigma speakers support a frequency response of 50 Hz to 15 KHZ. Additional­ly, it has a custom engineered audio limiter which helps in delivering distortion free sound at the maximum volume. mi –X450 Pro enigma comes with two wireless mics for singing along and has separate echo/ bass/treble/volume controls for mic output, further it has mic priority function along with recording facility to record while singing on a karaoke track.

MI-X 150 retro Plus X reflects Aiwa’s best sound-first philosophy. built with best in-class technology and the highest quality audio components, the MI-X 150 retro Plus X delivers the best-in-class audio performanc­e. It is also equipped with high efficiency amplifiers – class H & Ab and dual-link technology that significan­tly improve the quality of audio.

MI-X450 Pro enigma and MI-X 150 retro Plus X have original branded components and unique designs for optimum and luxurious audio experience. They are priced at rs 59,990 and rs 24,990 respective­ly.

SB-X350A, SB-X350J and SB-X30

SB-X350J is a compact high-performanc­e desk speaker with a calm yet commanding character. It is equipped with best in class software – Qualcomm aptx HD (high resolution audio) supporting 24-bit music quality over bluetooth 5.0. SB-X350J and has two passive bass radiators (front + back facing) for even distributi­on of sound. The speaker also comes with two custom designed 40 mm active audio drivers and a Type-c charging point that enables 3 hours of charging time and 5 hours of playback time. SB-X 350J is built of solid oxidized aluminium which gives a premium look to the speakers. There is also an LED battery display, a control panel and 3.5mm Aux-in.

Then there is the SB-X 350 A – a class-leading subcompact portable speaker with a raw and powerful audio character. SB-X 350 A is equipped with two opposite-facing bass radiators, packing 40 watts of power. SB-X 350 A sports Type-c charging and has a USB-IN port function along with an Aux-in feature. SB-X 350 A delivers an immersive cinematic experience, anywhere and anytime. SB-X350 A has solid aluminium build with a high luxe finish.

both SB-X350A and SB-X350J have TWS multi-link technology to give synced audio playback from multiple speakers for true surround sound experience.

Whereas SB-X30, the ultimate companion for an active lifestyle, comes with Ip67-water and dustproof technology. The included steel carabiner buckle enables our young consumers to hook the unit instantly to their bags and belts. The SB-X30 is equipped with a 1200mah rechargeab­le battery with a playback time of up to 15 hours. The lightweigh­t speaker has hyper bass and a built-in mic for phone calls hands free function.

The new stylish and compact portable speakers are ideal for outdoor use and they can also brighten your room without worrying about space. SB-X350A, SB-X350J and SB-X30 are priced at rs 19,990, rs 17,990 and rs 2,799 respective­ly.

The new Hi-fi range is available at reliance Digital Stores, Amazon and Aiwa’s key retail partners across India.n

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