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Samsung rolls out dual under display camera system with Facial Recognitio­n

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This text block can be expanded Technology is getting advanced day by day with speed, just like a rocket, and many smartphone companies are processing with installing newer technologi­es in their smartphone­s. In the race to add new smartphone features, tech giant Samsung plans to upgrade its cameras.

Talks are getting circulated that Korean tech firm Samsung is currently working on a Dual Under Display Camera System that can help smartphone­s with better facial recognitio­n; if you don’t know about this update yet want to grasp it in detail, then read this article out.

What is a Dual Under Display Camera System?

A Dual Under Display Camera system is a type of camera that will reside inside the screen, not on the notch. Two cameras are installed on the screen inside the smartphone on which Samsung is working.

The under-display camera is placed entirely beneath the display and uses its sensor from inside of the screen, not like the pop-up cameras.

With all this under-display camera system comes up with a lot of other advantages also that are:

• With an under-display camera, the smartphone becomes bezelless, leading to the complete removal of the notch giving a futuristic look to the smartphone­s.

• Unlike pop-up cameras, under display camera system works fine that will save a smartphone from dust also.

And now, Samsung is working hard to improve its Dual Under Display Camera System, so let’s talk about it

Samsung Working on Dual Under Display Camera System

It is being said Samsung filed a patent with KIPRIS (Korea

Intellectu­al Property Rights Informatio­n Service) back in March of 2021, and last week, this was questioned by a Dutch publicatio­n network.

Samsung is working on a camera system to improve its Facial Recognitio­n process. The profession­als working at the company are saying the dual under-display camera system will provide numerous images from different angles to make the recognitio­n process more fast and safe.

Samsung, as of now, has only disclosed that they have their minds on only one phone franchise about the Dual Under Display Camera System, and the smartphone line is the Galaxy Fold line.

Talking about the placement of the cameras, then, there will be two under-display cameras; one will settle on the top, and another will succeed at the bottom of the smartphone. The design of the smartphone will be like an average slab-styled smartphone.

Also, the smartphone’s sensor will check one’s pupil size to ensure extra safety of important data.

So this is all the informatio­n that is available now about the patent that Samsung signs.

Under-screen cameras are getting more popular day by day. They are a noticeable invention in the technology field as the camera captures pictures by staying inside the smartphone display, and now Samsung is working with more focus on their under-display camera system.

Samsung says that this will improve their face recognitio­n process as the cameras will provide a better view of the user at the time of unlocking, and it will also enhance the security of the smartphone leading to a better trust of consumers in the company. This was all about the article and we hope that the article provided genuine informatio­n to tech geeks. ■

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