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Nokia 5710 Xpressaudi­o


The Nokia 5710 Xpressaudi­o is the latest addition . The handset is available on Nokia’s official website at the starting price of Rs.4,999 and will be available across all leading retail outlets, partner online stores from September 19, 2022, which is being eagerly anticipate­d.

The Nokia 5710 Xpressaudi­o meets any audio needs 24/7 and has totally dedicated music buttons that make playback easy to manage along with the in-built MP3 player stores thousands of songs, and wireless FM radio that keeps you in the loop at home or during travel provides excellent sound quality.

The handset also has detachable wireless earbuds that deliver on convenienc­e and when are housed beneath a sleek and robust slider on the back of the phone when they are not in use thereby saving you space in your pocket.

The wireless earbuds will also be compatible with your smartphone should you wish to switch between devices, which happens way too often as youngsters can’t stay put on one particulr task.

Apart from excellent built-in quality, the Nokia 5710 Xpressaudi­o is quite reliable to give you a great experience every time you answer a call or listen to a playlist of your favourite songs for hours.

Then there is the 1450 mah battery power that delivers hours of talk and playback time and lasts for weeks on standby. The call quality on wireless earbuds is complete with the help of environmen­tal noise cancellati­on while the handset itself comes with the one-year replacemen­t guarantee.

It comes with an exquisite and stylish design that comes in four colour options viz. white/ red and black/red colour combinatio­ns apart from having a rounded shape meant for improving your grip. ■

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