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The con­cept of liq­uid water­proof­ing has ex­isted since the early 1800s, when nat­u­ral bi­tu­men was com­bined with jute, straw, rags, felt, and other man-made ma­te­ri­als to pro­vide a water­proof­ing so­lu­tion. Apart from liq­uid water­proof­ing mem­branes, there are dif­fer­ent water­proof­ing sys­tems like Pre­formed mem­branes, APP mem­branes (Su­perTher­mo­lay), PVC mem­branes, and in­te­gral water­proof­ing com­pounds.

Liq­uid mem­branes

Water­proof­ing with liq­uid mem­branes has gained pop­u­lar­ity due to: • Ease of ap­pli­ca­tion

• It is a fully bonded sys­tem that en­sures greater se­cu­rity against in­fil­tra­tion or dam­age to liq­uid mem­branes

• The sys­tem is seam­less, that is, with­out joints

• The mem­branes can be in­stalled eas­ily on any con­tour sur­face.

The liq­uid mem­branes (bi­tu­men, resin, acrylic, polyurethane, water or sol­vent­based, in one or two-com­po­nents) can be used in civil and in­dus­trial projects.

Their main ap­pli­ca­tion is water­proof­ing of roofs, bal­conies, ter­races, roof-gardens and planters tubs, walls, park­ing lots and con­crete struc­tures, and can also be used to wa­ter­proof sur­faces and con­crete walls against-ground water.

Two-Com­po­nents Ce­men­ti­tious Elas­tomeric Liq­uid Ap­plied Water­proof­ing mem­brane:

Shal­iCem EWP of STP Ltd., can be re­in­forced with glass fibers and is used for water­proof­ing roofs, sunken water tanks, swim­ming pools, foun­da­tions, re­tain­ing walls etc. Prod­ucts in­clude: Liq­uid Polyurethane Ma­te­ri­als: Shal­iUrethane LHM & Shal­iUrethane BTD. Shal­iUrethane FCM 2001E can be used for all types of water­proof­ing, and is ap­plied by roller or air­less spray to wa­ter­proof bal­conies, roof decks, me­chan­i­cal equip­ment rooms, wet rooms, ter­race gardens etc.

Liq­uid Ap­plied TarFelt LM Ma­te­rial:

This cat­e­gory of prod­ucts is also very ver­sa­tile be­cause they al­low you to re­pair old tar-felt water­proof­ing so­lu­tions with­out

dis­man­tling the ex­ist­ing sys­tem, and can be used on as­bestos roof­ing, me­tal sheets, con­crete, and wood. All of these can be fur­ther coated with liq­uid ap­plied wa­ter­proof paint Shal­iCryl215 sin­gle com­po­nent UVRe­sis­tant Elas­tomeric coat­ing.

STP Ltd is one of the pi­o­neer­ing com­pa­nies in water­proof­ing and is well es­tab­lished (since 1935). Trusted for gen­er­a­tions, the com­pany to­day has the largest range of new gen­er­a­tion and tra­di­tional water­proof­ing prod­ucts in In­dia.

The au­thor, a Civil Engi­neer­ing grad­u­ate & post grad­u­ate from Ali­garh Mus­lim Univer­sity, spe­cial­izes in hy­draulic struc­tures. He has worked with re­puted con­struc­tion groups in In­dia and is an ex­pert in the field of con­struc­tion chem­i­cals, re­pair and re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion of struc­tures, and water­proof­ing tech­nolo­gies.

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Hasan Rizvi Sr. Vice Pres­i­dent, STP Ltd.

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